All sessions are customized to fit your individual needs and include a comfortable heated table, lovely music, and choices of possible aromatherapy.  Hope you find the best treatment for your needs. For further inquiry and description, please try directly calling us and someone should be able to return your call shortly!! ALOHA

Lomilomi, Intuitive Integrative Therapy, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Reflexology, Orthopedic Massage, Mother-to-be, Side Lying Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, TMJ Massage, Additional Massage Services, Pamper Package


Traditional Hawaiian massage techniques characterized by continuous, long and flowing strokes; utilizing the forearms at varying speeds and pressures. Enhanced by the motion of the ocean, this unique style promotes very deep levels of relaxation!

Intuitive Integrative

The signature massage designed from experience, music and client receptivity. Combining the various modalities into one integrated jouney. It's the "I just want a great massage" therapy!

Deep Tissue

Lauren uses Lomilomi incorporated with acupressure points, structural kinesiology, and energy work to relieve overworked muscles and minds; helping to bring the whole body back into alignment. The other massage therapists may not be Lomilomi certified but have other incredible bodywork modalities in their repertoire. All of us are very proficient in deep tissue!

Sports Massage (pre/post event)

Hydrotherapy (heat/ice) combined with various Swedish modalities, Lomilomi, trigger point therapy and/or PNF stretching to pump the muscles full of blood (pre) or relax and repair (post).

Hot Stone Therapy

A winter favorite with the touch of aloha! Penetrating heat from smooth river stones, aid in complete relaxation of tired/cold muscles. The effect also creates fantastic pliability for stress relief in the neck and back. Treatment begins with large 200 degree stones placed between layered towels; acting like a sauna to loosen and relax your entire back while massaging the legs and feet with the heated/oiled stones, then returning to continue on your now pliable upper body. Summer time this service is only available between the hours of 8a-12p & 5-9p.


Experience the ultimate foot massage to rejuvenate weary soles and souls. Pressure points in the feet and/or hands are applied to treat reflex areas that correlate to other parts of the body. Treatment includes optional foot/hand scrub, hot towels, and shea butter. 

Orthopedic Massage

Used for the repeat client to address chronic pain and sports injury conditions with emphasis on knowing the underlying causes and pathology of each specific condition and applying the ortho technique. Trust and confidence in yourself and your therapist must be totally present for this modality to be truly effective. Multiple sessions recommended and 15% discount offered for prepayment of commitment for a 5 session plan; the intention to help resolve your discomfort/asymmetry. 


Relax yourself and your baby! Promotes circulation in the extremities while alleviating back pain and eases possible edema discomfort. Performed in side lying position with a body pillow and contour neck pillow.

Side Lying Massage

Great for avoiding sinus pressure! Alternative way of positioning using a body pillow and contour neck support. Can easily become a preferred position!

Lymphatic Drainage

A technique which uses extremely light pressure to treat edema (swelling) that has occurred due to tissue trauma, obstruction of lymphatic flow or increased capillary pressure.

TMJ Massage

?Non-invasive intra oral jaw work, palpating both externally and inside the mouth, with the use of surgical gloves. The release of these muscles can result in deep stress relief throughout the entire body and a great nights sleep!

Child's Massage (13 and under)

 We encourage the importance of a healing touch at all stages of our lives. 

Additional massage services

Back, neck and shoulder massage

Couples massage: great for first timers, friends and family! I will be accompanied by another well-trained, preferred massage therapist.

Chair Massage: Casual parties, work-related events or athletic endeavors.                       

Body Polish: Preferred sea salt or sugar scrub accompanied by warm, wet towels and aromatherapy oil/cream of choice.

Foot/Hand Scrub: Reflexology using peppermint sea salt and pumice scrub, followed by lavender body butter.

Pamper Package (3 choices)

#1- 2hr: Includes 90 minute massage of choice, and sea salt scrub

#2- 2hr: Includes sea salt scrub and hot stone therapy

#3- 2 1/2hr: Includes deep tissue bodywork overhaul, hot stone therapy, full body sea salt scrub & sugar polish, aromatherapy choices, and an abundance of hot towels.

MOBILE MASSAGE: Larger Groups and Families ** Make it a Family Affair! **

Helps to ease the plan making process and avoid having to figure out possible childcare arrangements. We can easily accomodate a large household with one or more certified massage therapists bringing the spa to you!! Must be requested through voice contact, email, or direct text. Due to the many variables: location, weather/traffic, and set up time this may not be booked online. Advance notice recommended!!  


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